I wanna sell my stock rims in order to cover my aftermarket replicas. They’re in great shape less than 10,000km on em never winter driven, although they come with brand new nitto sn3’s (snow tires) (kinda fun lol) and some used stock pirellis. So they really haven’t hardly seen rain Nevermind winter and salt and gravel and all that as this thing is my baby…. But why the winter tires you ask?… ya They’re a winter tire, basically one of two I could buy that we’re 275/40/20 in a pinch…. Where I live in BC by the coquihala highway.. the provincial auto insurance monopoly (ICBC) requires I run a tire with a m+s rating minimum from Oct 1 to to April 30th or else they can and will deny my coverage if I get in an accident without the proper tires. So to appease the BC insurance gods I ran that rubber for about 2-3000km during a road trip back home at thanksgiving and a few trips around town after. Then parked the car before the first snowfall and gravel came. Which was late this year. So basically bought winters to enjoy my Hellcat a little later in the year and hopefully a little earlier once they clean the streets up here in a month or two hopefully. There’s the story lol. Selling to buy aftermarket
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