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Stolen Redeye Dallas

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Hi Folks--just posting for the first time unfortunately. On Friday (27 May) had my 21 Redeye Chally stolen from parking garage at the Westin in Las Colinas. Tried getting Sirius Guardian to give police the location but Irving police don't seem that interested in finding it. Garage had video and the thugs were in two chargers.

If you're in the Dallas area could you all please keep a lookout for it?

It's Smokeshow and all stock except for clear bra and kept the yellow chin guard on it. License plate was at the time PFN-1636.

Thanks a lot.
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Probably south of the border by now.
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Curious, because I stay at motels sometimes: Did your room face the parking lot where your car was? Did the alarm go off? Did Dodge send an email to you (later) that the alarm went off?
I don’t know about the ‘21’s, but there is a huge change between ’20 and ’22. The ‘22 has a really sensitive trembler switch and if I forget to bypass it my dog sets it off usually while I am walking away. I would hope that thieves would set off and I would hear the alarm from my room. (I usually travel to states that have CCL reciprocity.)
If you are using your CCL to save your car, that might lead to a bad situation. It's primary purpose is to save you and your loved ones.

We buy the car we want, we go where we want to go, park where we want to park. Some places are very safe (my alarmed garage at the end of the 2000' driveway), and other places are not so safe. Hopefully we do the best we can, like park where we can see the car through the restraint window, and check it regularly if we can't. It's all a game of playing the odds, like I hope the odds of my car being stolen is similar to the odds of being struck by lightning. If the odds were closer to Russian Roulette, I'd take the truck.

If we take a chance on a risky bet, and we crap out, it is only we who are at fault, even if the casino is cheating.
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Let’s have a meet up at your place? I’ll bring drinks to share.
No one is allowed on the property without eye and ear protection!
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Relax everyone, we're not in the top 10
Most Stolen Cars in the US for 2022
  • Ford Pickup.
  • Honda.
  • Chevy Silverado.
  • Toyota Camry.
  • Nissan Altima.
  • GMC Pickup.
  • Toyota Corolla.
  • Dodge Pickup.
Mar 29, 2022
Slowpoke is right, this is almost a list of the highest volume cars. "Most likely to be stolen" is different than "most stolen". One is a probability, the other is a gross number. If 20% of all HC's were stolen, they probably still wouldn't make this list.
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