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Stolen Redeye Dallas

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Hi Folks--just posting for the first time unfortunately. On Friday (27 May) had my 21 Redeye Chally stolen from parking garage at the Westin in Las Colinas. Tried getting Sirius Guardian to give police the location but Irving police don't seem that interested in finding it. Garage had video and the thugs were in two chargers.

If you're in the Dallas area could you all please keep a lookout for it?

It's Smokeshow and all stock except for clear bra and kept the yellow chin guard on it. License plate was at the time PFN-1636.

Thanks a lot.
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I will never ever take my car on a trip where I’ve gotta leave it outside overnight. It’s a tough pill to swallow when things go sideways.
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Hoping the best for you mike
I’m so sorry that happened to you. I haven’t had a chance to post my story yet but mine was stolen on 5/24 - right from my driveway! Here’s a nice picture of them taking my baby away! 😥
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Not being a douche but you sure didn’t take good care of your baby. Even if mine was stolen, I’d be too embarrassed to post on here. I do feel for the monetary loss but my god people, if you can’t give them a proper home…pick another brand! These f**k tards are just waiting in the weeds.
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Because someone doesn't have a garage they should buy a different car? But wait.. if you park in covered parking garage, you are also stupid. If you park in a lot when you drive to dinner..stupid. If you stop for a minute to run into a store.. Yep. Stupid. If you park at work and you don't have constant visuals of the car or if you stay in a hotel room that doesn't face the parking lot... Yep.

Your response is silly. I'd add..if you would be embarrassed that someone stole your car, due no fault of your own, ie- leaving the car running at 7-11, it says more about how worried you are about what people think about you vs trying to locate property that is rightfully yours.
I’m talking about leaving it outside overnight, genius.
And yeah I wouldn’t post on here because it would be my stupidity for doing so. Forum people can’t retrieve what’s already been taken. Only can say I’m sorry.
Look at the replies. If you haven’t figured out by now that hellcat is #1 on radar for thieves, buy it and then leave it outside overnight then you must be living under a rock. I don’t give 2 shits what you think about me pal.
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Aren’t we talking about a hellcat redeye being stolen here? Didn’t mention anything about any other car.
Look man I’m too old to get in a pissing match with you. Mine will be in a garage where I know it’s safe and I will sleep good knowing that. Where’s yours gonna be? Good luck to ya.
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If you do take it somewhere, first make sure you have extra GPS, Killswitch, move OBD port or disconnect it and move the security module as well. Next get Steering wheel club and\or even better get an actual wheel lock if you leave it in a parking garage or hotel garage. If you had any of those, I'm sure you would still have it.
I really appreciate the advice bud but my post still stands. If I go anywhere overnight, I'll be taking the F350 tremor.
Dont want to be another statistic on here.BTW i'm glad I live in an area where I can freely carry and exercise my 2nd
amendment right 🇺🇲
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Need to look at percentage of make/model manufactured and sold versus, number stolen.

For example; WHICH Ford pick-up is being stolen? The F-150 in base configuration or, the F-350 fully loaded and with a fifth wheel, or somewhere in between?
F250/350 Tremor when they first came out in 2020 were a hot one for thieves but that tapered off
Well, folks, here's the latest. Got a call two Sunday mornings ago at 1:30am from Irving Police the car had been "recovered" in Charleston, Missouri and to call the police station there. So, called them around 9am and spoke to a great officer who proceeded to tell me this wild story about how my car had become airborne and crashed into a tree and two houses and was beyond totaled. Then, just by crazy coincidence we were taking our family vacation drive North and Charleston, MO was on the way so decided to stop and see it on Tuesday. Met their police chief who was awesome and told us even more of the story. They had gone to pull over a group of Challys/Chargers doing donuts and burnouts downtown and when they came up to mine it took off. The officer didn't try to pursue them but they ran anyway (maybe because the car was stolen...). From their estimates, the car was doing 120mph when it went airborne and flew for over 103ft before landing, losing control, hitting a tree, then two houses. Not only did it total the car, but also totaled the houses. Of course, most unfortunate thing was they never caught the thugs as they were somehow able to escape after landing. Here are some pics...

It lost the wheel when it landed completely snapping the control arms and they told me it bottomed out when it landed so bad it ripped the entire oil pan and everything off bottom of engine, so it's likely toast. Definitely a total loss.

FYI--it had been tracked all though West Texas (Midland/Odessa/etc) and then somehow made it North to SE Missouri. View attachment 598256 View attachment 598261
View attachment 598259
View attachment 598258
View attachment 598260
View attachment 598262
View attachment 598257
My god man, how did they even survive that.
That car is totally f**ked😳
Looks like the airbag didn’t even deploy.
I was really hoping whomever stole it died.
I agree. Turn ‘‘em into fossil fuel.
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Was hoping part of your story included how the occupants died inside and the interior had signs of a slow and scary death.

and yes, for all you Karens out there, that is how I really feel. Let the Father and Son decide what is to happen to the thieves. Lord knows, those thieves walked away knowing they can do it again.

maybe too, they’ll drink in celebration of escaping only to die in their sleep because of the concussion and alcohol. One can only hope.
Back in the days when the law meant something, they’d hang a piece of shit for stealing a man’s horse.
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