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Stolen Redeye Dallas

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Hi Folks--just posting for the first time unfortunately. On Friday (27 May) had my 21 Redeye Chally stolen from parking garage at the Westin in Las Colinas. Tried getting Sirius Guardian to give police the location but Irving police don't seem that interested in finding it. Garage had video and the thugs were in two chargers.

If you're in the Dallas area could you all please keep a lookout for it?

It's Smokeshow and all stock except for clear bra and kept the yellow chin guard on it. License plate was at the time PFN-1636.

Thanks a lot.
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Not really, hotel didn't want to let me see all the tape--said they could only show the cops. But I did see it was another Smokeshow charger and they just broke driver's side glass. So I guess the thugs favor that color.
Car was on 5th floor of the garage away from everything and under the lights and cameras. But that didn't deter them...
I didn't get any alarms or texts.
Yeah, all crazy stuff with how easy it is. Really thought being in a hotels garage with lights and cameras it would be a deterrent but guess now. Makes me wish we could just go back to old school physical keys.
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Here she is/was...

Thanks all for keeping your eyes open.


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Well, got a call from Sirius Guardian yesterday afternoon saying they had a ping from the car in Gaines County (near border with New Mexico) and had alerted sheriff. Got all excited and called the sheriff and they were great people and had already sent a deputy out to the coordinates. They told me they'd call me back asap.

So, got all excited and waited. About an hour later they called and told me deputy didn't find anything. They were very nice and apologetic. I asked if they could put a be on the lookout out and they said Irving Police would have to do it since it was stolen there which bummed me out even more because it showed how little Irving Police had done so far as they hadn't even done that.

Hopefully Sirius can get another ping...

Now if you're in the Western part of the state around Midland/Odessa/Carlsbad please keep the lookout. I guess the thugs went on a pretty good joyride there from Dallas.

Thanks all.
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I'm sorry to hear about another one gone Phoenix.

Anybody have any idea if there are any serial numbers on the block or supercharger that link it to the VIN so if I find the engine online for sale I can know if it was out of mine or not? Thanks.
Hi Folks, well time for final update unfortunately.

It will be final as 14 days has passed and Sirius Guardian will not track it any longer than 14 days even though I asked and they did receive a signal 2 days ago from it. So, I guess all hope lost.

What made things even worse is I was able to get the nice lady to give me the entire tracking summary and what they reported to police. Basically,
30 May -- Grand Prairie
2 Jun -- Midland
2 Jun -- Odessa
6 Jun -- Denver City

They say they contacted police in each of those locations, but I guess police did nothing. Even worse is that Sirius Guardian only called me on 1 of those so I only had the opportunity to help motivate the police once on 2 June. She said they don't like to share all the info with the customers. I cannot understand what they are afraid of sharing with the people whose vehicles are stolen and who paid for the service.

So, in summary, Sirius Guardian was just about worthless so do not expect it to help you if your car is stolen and appears the police at the other 3 cities were not interested or able to find it when they were notified.

I'd suggest you do everything you can to prevent these cars from being stolen because it is obviously very easy for them to be and no one is going to help you find it.

If anyone is in west TX and see a smoke show Redeye please check it out for me. Last 4 of VIN is 7539.

Thanks all.
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Thanks. I'm really even not focused on insurance right now but I know that will be next battle. I'm more worried about actually finding one for sale that I can buy without a 20k markup.
Yep, tried to do that in a couple posts before. Last 4 of VIN are 7539. Thanks again all.
Well, folks, here's the latest. Got a call two Sunday mornings ago at 1:30am from Irving Police the car had been "recovered" in Charleston, Missouri and to call the police station there. So, called them around 9am and spoke to a great officer who proceeded to tell me this wild story about how my car had become airborne and crashed into a tree and two houses and was beyond totaled. Then, just by crazy coincidence we were taking our family vacation drive North and Charleston, MO was on the way so decided to stop and see it on Tuesday. Met their police chief who was awesome and told us even more of the story. They had gone to pull over a group of Challys/Chargers doing donuts and burnouts downtown and when they came up to mine it took off. The officer didn't try to pursue them but they ran anyway (maybe because the car was stolen...). From their estimates, the car was doing 120mph when it went airborne and flew for over 103ft before landing, losing control, hitting a tree, then two houses. Not only did it total the car, but also totaled the houses. Of course, most unfortunate thing was they never caught the thugs as they were somehow able to escape after landing. Here are some pics...

It lost the wheel when it landed completely snapping the control arms and they told me it bottomed out when it landed so bad it ripped the entire oil pan and everything off bottom of engine, so it's likely toast. Definitely a total loss.

FYI--it had been tracked all though West Texas (Midland/Odessa/etc) and then somehow made it North to SE Missouri.
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On insurance, it took a long time but finally got an offer from USAA. It wasn't horrible but was definitely a challenge finding appropriate comps as the widebody red-eyes are so rare. I think it was low by maybe $4k. With that said, even though it was a decent offer will still be a challenge to replace with the crazy high dealer markups--if a dealer can even get an allocation. If anyone know a dealer near Houston that would allow me to put an order in for MSRP, please let me know.

I guess the only good thing is I finally have "closure" and a pretty crazy story and pics. I was sure it had been taken apart and sold for the engine and tranny but there must be some sort of stolen pipeline for these cars. Cops did say they found a lot of drugs and money in the car.
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yep, big disappointment the cops didn't get these guys or better yet shoot them in the knees first so they could suffer and then the head to make sure they don't do this again. But cops said "people run fast when they have adrenalin going through them"...
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