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Stolen Redeye Dallas

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Hi Folks--just posting for the first time unfortunately. On Friday (27 May) had my 21 Redeye Chally stolen from parking garage at the Westin in Las Colinas. Tried getting Sirius Guardian to give police the location but Irving police don't seem that interested in finding it. Garage had video and the thugs were in two chargers.

If you're in the Dallas area could you all please keep a lookout for it?

It's Smokeshow and all stock except for clear bra and kept the yellow chin guard on it. License plate was at the time PFN-1636.

Thanks a lot.
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I did see it was another Smokeshow charger and they just broke driver's side glass. So I guess the thugs favor that color.
Thugs favor any color of these left in overnight parking lots/garages. It’s the number one no-no. Anyone leaving theirs there is daring them.
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Was the RF-Hub update installed on your '21?
Im thinking no lol.
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Car was on 5th floor of the garage away from everything and under the lights and cameras. But that didn't deter them...
This is perfection for them. Away from everything on the fifth floor. Light and cameras mean nothing with hoodies and a cloned fob. It’s a job done in seconds, by the time anyone notices they are long gone.
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Because someone doesn't have a garage they should buy a different car?
I think yes if you dont have a garage you should def buy a different car. Not sure how that is silly or insulting. It’s just an unfortunate fact with these cars. Sure you have insurance but youre rolling the dice and leaving the cheese out for the hood rats who are actively cruising nicer areas and scouting for these if you leave one out on display night after night. You are attracting attention to your residence and increasing the odds of some form of of theft, attempted theft, or crime in general. Doesnt matter what state either. Someone commented on red states being safer. That’s a joke. These scumbags are everywhere, they dont give a shit who you voted for, what the penalties are, if you have guns, etc. I literally lol’d while rolling my eyes when I read that.
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Well, got a call from Sirius Guardian yesterday afternoon saying they had a ping from the car in Gaines County (near border with New Mexico) and had alerted sheriff. Got all excited and called the sheriff and they were great people and had already sent a deputy out to the coordinates. They told me they'd call me back asap.

So, got all excited and waited. About an hour later they called and told me deputy didn't find anything. They were very nice and apologetic. I asked if they could put a be on the lookout out and they said Irving Police would have to do it since it was stolen there which bummed me out even more because it showed how little Irving Police had done so far as they hadn't even done that.

Hopefully Sirius can get another ping...

Now if you're in the Western part of the state around Midland/Odessa/Carlsbad please keep the lookout. I guess the thugs went on a pretty good joyride there from Dallas.

Thanks all.
The crappy thing is that unless the car is found somewhere abandoned, most law enforcement don’t even look for it. It’s just in the system in case they find a car and need to run the VIN. I feel for ya, it’s a really crappy feeling. Been there.
Relax everyone, we're not in the top 10
Most Stolen Cars in the US for 2022
  • Ford Pickup.
  • Honda.
  • Chevy Silverado.
  • Toyota Camry.
  • Nissan Altima.
  • GMC Pickup.
  • Toyota Corolla.
  • Dodge Pickup.
Mar 29, 2022
If there were as many built and as many left outside overnight as the cars on that list, Hellcats would be at or near the top of that list. It is a skewed formula in that people see that and feel they have a better chance if their car is not on that list. Absolutely not.
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Not sure why everyone's so upset, that should buff right out.
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