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After an exhausting 4 days on the road to and from Kentucky, we made in back to Jacksonville.
Points to note; never take ownership of a car during/after the after effects of a cat 4 hurricane!

Due to some unforeseen events, we left the dealership a little later than planned, and in the middle of a torrential downpour, which was the bands of Ida washing through the area. Trying to stick to the break-in as best as possible, the first 100 miles took us through some very scenic and VERY wet areas of upper Kentucky.
We eventually made it to I-75 and were met with moderate to very heavy rain until somewhere south of Georgia where the weather eventually tapered off to occasional rainfall and drizzle. That drive SUCKED. Driving in heavy rain for long periods of time is absolutely exhausting.

I will say this; the car did extremely well in the weather, and the OEM all-season Pirelli's that everyone bitches and moans about did exceptionally well. Driving the WB as compared to my Scatpack in heavy rain was night and day. The car is extremely composed and comfortable in the heaviest of rain fall and felt great the entire trip.

Home sweet home. She's filthy and needs a bath, but it hasn't stopped raining for more than 30 minutes since we got home.

I feel for you man. I picked up my ZL1 around the same area in Ky a while back and I live in Tampa. So I had to drive it home 12 hours and I drove it straight by myself. Through rains and horrible traffic in Atlanta... It was brutal but worth it. Now Ironically I will be driving that same ZL1 BACK to KY to meet Jake and take delivery of my Hellcat Charger WB and drive 12 hours back to tampa My return trip in the ZL1 was great and hopefully so will the run back up there and back with the Charger. Congrats though, we are all jelly. Especially with the factory closed at the moment and my car was supposed to be built this week...
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