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Sub Frame connectors.

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MY First impressions of the underside of the HellCat was WOW this looks weak. Unibody construction as all old Mopar muscle cars. I just figured that with 707+ HP the HellCat would have some extra bracing. But no its just the same as a 6 cylinder challenger. I have seen a few kits from Petty that look good. Has anyone else ever purchased one of these for their SRT8 in the past or has anybody put some on their HellCat?
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· Yep, its got a HEMI
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I beefed up my 70 when I did the resto. But that was a convert.
Maybe I am dumb for thinking this but I believe they have better engineering and the whole thing works as one unit includes strength from the roof. It is also designed to crinkle in a crash to protect the occupants. My body shop guy always said my 70 could take tons of HP and the doors will always close but he was not sure what would happen in the event of a collision.
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