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Hey guys I’m new to the Hellcat allegiance and love what this car does for me. I currently own a 2020 dodge challenger srt hellcat been a year now… and within that year I’ve added a couple of mods to it like Lower ATI pulley, install injectors, thermostat, supercharger belt, oh! and plugs and had tuning done with pcm unlock. Which brought me to 817 hp and pushing 760 to the wheel. Cost me round 6k which I feel was a lot. Anyway I’m trying to switch to e85 and do more work cause I wanna be a solid 1000 hp pushing 9 to the wheels any suggestions? Cause this guy I went to the first time is now asking me to pay him 26k for a whole e85 setup and ported blower new injectors upper pulley headers just to get it to 975 hp I’m just kinda confused. Any suggestions ?
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Most every Speed shop/Tuner that works on Hellcats have packages and have pricing on their websites.
Depending on what you want for HP or an ET would depend on the cost.
I would look at websites and also call for a quote to several known Hellcatshops whether you are going there or not.

Linda :)
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