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Super Stock… Supply and Demand// Price Increases

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Well Folks!
As expected, the low-supply is triggering the demand. my dealer just called and offering me $100k for my SS, according to them... they have a secure client that needs it.
Seems like they are calculating the offer based off of the MSRP + taxes fee I spent... interesting but my baby-girl is not for sale, However $110k might do the trick LOL.
I am not asking y'all to make a decision for me but What would you do in this situation?
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i would have to agree with furious. make sure he locks you into a 23 allocation first. msrp or less again? get it in writing from him.
then ask away on your price. funny the wording the dealer said to you. a secure client that needs it. nobody needs a car that expensive. he wants it!
i think you’re in the driver seat on this. if the guy balks, we’ll then you still have your ss.
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