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Super Stock Wheel/Tire Question

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Hi Everyone! New here, but plan to spend a LOT of time in these forums! I've recently come from a 2017 Hellcat (narrow body) to a 2021 Super Stock (four days ago, actually), and have found myself in a bit of a situation. Living in central Indiana, our winters are fairly cold, but very little snow. I intend to drive my car through most of the winter, keeping it in the non-heated garage during any snow or nasty weather. I realized, going into the purchase of this car, that the drag radials wouldn't work too well (putting it mildly) in Indiana weather and already planned to buy some sort of temporary all-season tire to throw on until I figured out something more permanent (keeping the DRs in the garage for special occasions). I had NO IDEA how difficult it would be to find ANY kind of all-season tire in the 315/40R18 size. I know Nitto makes one that has more tread but still considered a summer tire, and even those are discontinued and everywhere I've found that claims to have them, actually doesn't. So here are my more pointed questions - I feel fairly certain that an OEM Hellcat widebody wheel and tire will fit on the Super Stock without looking TOO out of place (please correct me if I'm wrong on that). What I don't know is whether the wheels/tires from a narrow body Hellcat will also physically fit and work (again, not sure how they might LOOK). I've had this car all of four days and our temperature here went from almost 60 the day I bought the car, to 28 this morning, and with Nitto's claims of possible "catastrophic failure", driving on the tires that are currently on it becomes more about the tire's structural soundness and less about me being able to adequately maneuvering a big, powerful vehicle in inclement weather. Any help on this dilemma would be GREATLY appreciated! (also, if there is any way to change the "make" of car in my account setting to "Super Stock", or if there is another category I should be in, please let me know) SORRY SO LONG
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It was holding up fine. I had put a Diff brace on it. But that car is gone already. I traded it for another one of the 16 ONE SEAT Demons. It seems this one might actually be slightly faster.

OP, in case you do not know. Demons and other wide body cars are built with regular Hellcat Slingshot wheels and 275/40R20 all season Perilli's. They won't fit on the assy line with OEM wheels/tires.

@RoseCity LQ View attachment 583150
I hate to sound ignorant here (but honestly, when it comes to wheels and tires particularly) I AM. What do you mean when you say "They won't fit on the assy line with OEM wheels/tires"? Do you mean that they are built on that assembly line with narrow body wheels (to facilitate their rolling track I guess you would call it) and then fitted with OEM wheel AFTER leaving the assembly line? If so, I presume that you are pointing out that they absolutely WILL hold a narrow body wheel and not look "off" as the pic above shows"
I ask a lot of "stupid" questions, but I take EVERYTHING in and once I learn, I learn. So I very much appreciate the input here! Thank you!
I posted that pic so you can see how odd it will look. But the 20X9.5 Hellcat slingshot wheels will absolutely fit your car.

The cars are built with the standard Hellcat setup in the pic and then they are transported to the Upfitter or body vendor to have your final set of OEM Wheels and Tires installed.
Thank you so much for your help and information on this. It seems like something that would have a pretty easily available answer, yet I have been searching for DAYS without a single definitive YES, until your comment (and the pics are an unexpected - and SUPER helpful - BONUS). So thank you, again. I appreciate it!
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