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Supercharged decal

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I put a supercharged decal above the Hellcat emblem. What do you think, tell me the truth in won't hurt my feelings is this thumbs Up or Down. What I like is its easy to clean because its flat, and the black goes with the car.

UPDATE1/13/2015 these have been removed found a set of Factory supercharged emblems for the hood

UPDATE 1/13/2015 Factory supercharged emblems airbrushed gloss black on hood of my torred car.


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to each is own. i prefer the stealth look. its a hellcat, everybody knows it has a SC.
Only about 75% of car guys know its SC. Everyone else doesn't know, yet. LOL
i agree but when they hear that awsome sc scream then they will know!!! ;-)
Only about 75% of car guys know its SC. Everyone else doesn't know, yet. LOL
yup,as long as chp doesn't know - then why advertise it? ;-)
thumbs down

people will know its a hellcat......and they will hear the super charger...leave it stock
my thoughts exactly!!!
sorry - chp - california highway patrol.
ok. so if the highway patrol doesn't know you have a sleeper under the hood, then why tell them! ;-) unless you have a 11-99 placard and id card! ;-) if you dont know what i mean, then just google it.
hmm - not sure what you are getting at Jim. if you dont understand then it is you that is plain stupid. oh and pain is spelled incorrectly in your post. it think you meant plain. time to pay attention to detail dude.
1 - 7 of 96 Posts
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