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Supercharged decal

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I put a supercharged decal above the Hellcat emblem. What do you think, tell me the truth in won't hurt my feelings is this thumbs Up or Down. What I like is its easy to clean because its flat, and the black goes with the car.

UPDATE1/13/2015 these have been removed found a set of Factory supercharged emblems for the hood

UPDATE 1/13/2015 Factory supercharged emblems airbrushed gloss black on hood of my torred car.


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I think it looks fine, but not awesome, but since there are no logos or script on the hood, I actually think the Supercharged decal would look better on the hood. One site member (can't recall who) has supercharged logos on his black hood and it looks sweet.
I can't remember either but I want to know because I'd like to have some of them. I'd like to find out where they got them.

I want 4. Two on the hood, one underneath the SRT logo on the rear spoiler, and one to go on my underwear. lol
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I took off the decals and I'm going to put on the hood the factory emblems that I found.
Where did you find them? I want some!
1 - 2 of 96 Posts
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