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Supercharged decal

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I put a supercharged decal above the Hellcat emblem. What do you think, tell me the truth in won't hurt my feelings is this thumbs Up or Down. What I like is its easy to clean because its flat, and the black goes with the car.

UPDATE1/13/2015 these have been removed found a set of Factory supercharged emblems for the hood

UPDATE 1/13/2015 Factory supercharged emblems airbrushed gloss black on hood of my torred car.


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I just ordered these and will put them on the hood them on eBay for around 11 each. Tammy, I think these are the same ones you have....


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Yep, they are a little small though. I am anxious to see what you think. I was going to put them on the hood, but chickened out...:cool:
I will try them first in both places, and let you know. If they really are 7" long, they should be OK for the hood scoop, but I can't really tell until they come in.
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I took off the decals and I'm going to put on the hood the factory emblems that I found.
Crapola, I need those! :(:D:D
The only other large supercharged badges I've seen for sale are the ones that go on camaros. They are 12". The rest are around 7".
Yup. Mopar looks better, IMO. But with the scarcity of the Mopar, might have to go with GM. :mad:
Ordered this last night on eBay. Unfortunately, it was the last one in stock. It is 13" X 1" and should look awesome on the hood scoop. Just torn whether I should paint it gloss black like Jim did, or just leave it chrome. I'm thinking chrome. Looking at it, it seems fairly close to the OEM ones, not exactly, but I'll never be able to get the OEM ones.

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That's great you found a pair. I would leave them chrome. That way they will match the theme of your other badges (i.e. cat head, SRT emblems on the grill and spoiler). Either that or go the route Tammie is going and get rid of all your chrome for black or something else.
Your right. Chrome it is.
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