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Supercharged decal

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I put a supercharged decal above the Hellcat emblem. What do you think, tell me the truth in won't hurt my feelings is this thumbs Up or Down. What I like is its easy to clean because its flat, and the black goes with the car.

UPDATE1/13/2015 these have been removed found a set of Factory supercharged emblems for the hood

UPDATE 1/13/2015 Factory supercharged emblems airbrushed gloss black on hood of my torred car.


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OEM are not available anywhere, and GM don't belong on a Dodge. I didn't want a raised script because they are harder to clean the wax out of and these are very close the factory script just a little different and a little smaller.
Yeah, I totally get where you are going. I did the same thing. I felt my supercharged badge was too small for the hood. I agree with you on location.
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Tammie, don't take this the wrong way,the black and red badge works really well with your color, but I think it needs a little more space above the cat head, because from a distance it looks like they are touching, other wise very cool. Am I an ass for sayin?
Nope. It is a fair opinion. I thought about moving it up further, but I didn't like it. It is totally just a preference and I am glad we all don't like them exactly the same because then it wouldn't make them our own...;) I love all the creative ideas that come out. The nice part is, they are easy to remove if I decide to change.:)
Are you saying Dodge makes a supercharged challenger six cylinder ??
In the dreams of many Dodge lovers that can't quite afford the Hellcat, YES! LOL;)
Tammie, Is that the why you take this to read, or is he saying people will put supercharged on their cars just for fun. I hope he doesn't think he can get factory supervharged emblems
I took it to read that peeps will put supercharged emblems on their 6 cyl Challys and claim to be Hellcats. I doubt they will use factory ones cause those babies are like gold...I am sure we will see some with Hellcat emblems too. I'm not too worried about it, I have the engine to back it up so, I say...POSE ALL YOU WANT!! at least they are Mopar brethren who loves their car, they just cannot afford the real thing...LOL ;)
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I get it, on another thread I saw Hellcat hoods are selling at the dealers. You know what that means. Its like 1970 Hemi cudas the factory say built 2000 and now 45 years later there are 4000 that exsist.
Yeah, well i was looking into supercharging my Charger and it was going to cost me a $h!tload of money and I still would not have had the strength and durability my Hellcat will have. The only part that sucks is when they lose races and everyone thinks they beat a Hellcat when in reality they beat a 5.7 with a turbo or something..I guess on the positive side, it gives those Slomaros and Rustangs a false sense of empowerment and then when they run across a real Hellcat they get tore up...hopefully...It my perfect world thats how it happens anyway. LOL ;)
A buddy of mine just shared a video of a hellcat pulling off a 11.4 in street tires
Did he say what he did to hook up on the take off? Did he use launch mode? o_O I am still having trouble hooking up on the take off...Of course, I only have 1 or 2 days every other month that is dry enough to even try...
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I just ordered these and will put them on the hood them on eBay for around 11 each. Tammy, I think these are the same ones you have....
Yep, they are a little small though. I am anxious to see what you think. I was going to put them on the hood, but chickened out...:cool:
Same here. Now that the OEM supercharged badges are so valuable I dunno if I even wanna put them on the car :D they still sitting in a drawer.
HOLD OUT!! You might get millions for them! LOL:D
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I took off the decals and I'm going to put on the hood the factory emblems that I found.
Sweet!! Are you going to plasticoat them black?
They were done black today
I am so excited to see them. I really hope Mopar makes more of these because I would love to have black ones on the hood. My stripe is getting installed as we speak!! I cannot wait to see it.:)
I have a 11-99 ID card
I need one of those!!! :D Are they on EBay? LOL
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