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Supercharger bearings

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when installing a fixed 2.85 upper how long do the bearings last before they start to get noisy and need to be replaced with high speed bearings? From what I've read people have had problems with the oem bearings and also others not have any issues at all. Im going to be taking the supercharger off anyways so I figured id just upgrade the bearings now so I don't have to deal with them in the future or should I just run it and see?
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the internals are fine with a upper pulley on pump gas it isn't going to damage this engine unless very intentionally tuned to do so and guys like HHP, Dusterhoff etc have done god knows how many of these stage 1 setups without issue. People run way more radical setups than me on the stock internals and are perfectly fine and if I was messing with the internals id just make it a 426 and put a bigger supercharger on it.
I think it would be a wise investment just to get a separate engine built. No compromises. Heck, make it a loafing 480. Do what you want. Widen the bores and shorten the stroke. Siamese block. 3.0L Magnuson stolen from a Corvette kit and adapted to a Hellcat. You could experiment to your heart's content and then drop'er in.
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