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supercharger replacement cost?

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what would it cost to replace the supercharger and intake manifold with stock pieces? parts and labor (new parts vs used parts)? Thanks all.
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Thanks for the replies. It appears the SC with manifold was stolen, no other logical reason. I believe the engine was running fine before the theft. The airbox is still intact.

I am hearing $4500 for new SC.

How much would a dealer or reputable shop charge to install it? Is any calibration or tuning needed when thrlr SC is replaced with another SC?
Logical reason: Car stolen, taken for joy ride, and rod started knocking. Pulled blower and intake to sell and make cash after ditching rest of car. I hope you're positive in your "belief" that the engine is ok. If it were my project and I wasn't sure about the engine, I'd at least do compression and leak down tests to be sure as I could before I spend massive $$ to build up a bad engine.

What's the history of the engine? Did it previously have aftermarket pullies and a tune? Does it even have a PCM installed anymore?
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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