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Supposed Hellcat video on Facebook has me puzzled

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I was watching those quick Facebook videos on my phone. A guy supposedly claiming to own a Hellcat was racing a random Mustang. Sure it was a little bit of a win. But I am thinking something isn't right. Like shouldn't your super Charger be screaming? So the video was shot from inside the Challenger. And it was a stick , SRT on the passenger side dash.. . But zero super charger whine. I looked at a few other videos of his. and too me it sounds like a NA 6.4l .. Hellcat badge on the side of the car. possibly the hood. Widebody style wheels without the wide body.. and a large (Daytona ?) graphic on the tail.. anyway... Long story short I lost the user name and videos. which i wanted to look at closer to see if i am right. Anyway know the user? I could be wrong. but every video i watched didn't have the whine. Maybe its the recording source..

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