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So, two nights ago someone posted a Kijiji ad stating one of the local dealerships here in Windsor, Ontario had a Hellcat in the showroom; I went down there today to take a look only to find TWO HELLCATS sitting in the showroom... IN CANADA!!!

It gets better; the Challenger is being sold as "new-ish" or as a "demo" or whatever they're calling it, has 2242km on it, damage to the front spoiler (someone was using the Hellcat to measure curb heights I guess) and they still want $75,000 FOR IT!!!

It was explained to me that it was a company car for a Chrysler Exec and Provincial was able to buy it - how they can get away with charging $75k for what most SRT enthusiasts would consider a USED CAR is beyond me.

The Charger was brand new though (9km on it I think) and was going for $74,000 and change.

I recently had a deal "go south" at this Dealership and took my Hellcat business elsewhere - I had a conversation today with the General Manager about it who expressed "his disappointment" (sarcasm) but appeared to seek comfort in the fact that Hellcats are being allocated using "something of a lottery" and stated it was "highly unlikely" that my order would be filled.

Was awfully nice to point out that I received my VIN three days ago.

He also didn't like the fact that I was critical of their "no test drive" policy on SRT's because I asked to drive one of their 2015 392 SRT Challengers in December (when I hadn't yet made up my mind on the Hellcat) and was told I could "sit in it - or maybe drive it around the parking lot" LOL!

To think I purchased my current SRT from these guys, only to be treated like a stranger. If you guys are reading this down at Provincial, maybe take it as a lesson on how NOT to treat paying customers.

Here's some eye-candy from today's visit (along with the first picture I've seen of a CANADIAN speedometer that goes to 340km/h)

View attachment 5071 View attachment 5072 View attachment 5073 View attachment 5074 View attachment 5075 View attachment 5076 View attachment 5077 View attachment 5078 View attachment 5079
Sorry you had to go thru all that but at least you got some nice pics out of that place. I wouldn't go back to them of course after what they did to you
1 - 2 of 28 Posts
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