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Suspension Squeak?

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2020 Challenger Hellcat, 11,600 miles. Bone stock. Bought her about a month ago, and it has always had a 'chirping', type of squeak sound coming from what appears to be the right rear suspension area. Not related to throttle or acceleration, just suspension. Every little bump in the road makes the squeak. Cannot duplicate it by pushing on the suspension myself. Driving me nuts. Any thoughts? Thanks!
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Did you ever get this resolved on your end? Been having the same issue for a few months and am 3 service appointments in with no solution. Just opened a dodge cares case and hoping to get it resolved but I wanted to know if you had any luck?

For me the problem started at 1500 miles, exact same sound your reporting. They tried to replace the strut mount assembly and some bushings but no luck.
At least you got them to do something. On my T/A 392, I had a similar issue and I kid you not, the service advisor said, "We inspected it, but the car isn't throwing any codes, so we're at a loss for what to check."

I asked him what the bushing failure code is on a Mopar. I'm still waiting on that return call :p
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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