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Tapping/Rubbing Noise driving me crazy

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I have a tapping noise (6+ months now) I hear it while driving on or off the accelerator. It's a steady clicking/rubbing sound, almost like the sound a baseball card would make attached to bicycle spokes (old school). On inspection everything is clear of the drive train and wheels.
At first we thought it was the tires rubbing the wheel wells from it being lowered because the springs have sagged over time. I returned it back to stock but the sound remains.
Anyone aware of a known issue or have an idea where I can look. It's a 2016 Hellcat Charger with 36k miles on it.
Otherwise the car has been a dream to own and drive!

The sound is like Chinese water torture and is driving me crazy! Thanks!
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Pull the wheels and clean the hubs. Every Challenger I've owned gets debris between the wheel and the hub and it makes rubbing/clicking sounds. Most noticeable in reverse or slow speeds during a hard turn, like turning into your driveway. You can hear it sometimes at full speed if you pass by a concrete barrier or something on the roadside. But, all of them did this. My 2015 SP, I read that it was the wheel hub+wheel and I just didn't care much. My '18, I chased down and fixed it. Was the driver's side wheel+hub. I pulled all of them and cleaned them with a high pressure power washer + degreaser. My '20 did the same thing. Pulled just the fronts and repeated the process, fixed it.
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