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Tazer 2017 HC Challenger install

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I bought a taser from a forum member here and had a question.

I'm really learning all of the features and operations of this thing but my question is this. I inadvertently hit partial reboot which resets all of the vehicles adaptives. No concerns everything is fine however the car feels like it's more responsive. am I imagining this or is it learning the way I drive now with this taser keeping in mind that I also have a pedal commander set at sport plus 4.
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Got a great deal on one. Tried it. Like it.
Hey fellas not here to create an argument I was just trying to see if it was my imagination or if the car feels more responsive. I'm well aware the taser does nothing to improve performance but I suspect resetting the adaptives on the PCM/TCM/BCM gave it an appearance of performance increase. I wiped out my custom setting. Had to reset that.

At the end of the day,

You can argue back-and-forth regarding whether or not there's a lag all I can say is my experience there was definitely a lag. I have driven it before I have driven it after. And I don't buy the argument that you just press the pedal quicker that is not the case I don't care what anybody says.
Even with tuning a pedal commander or like device is an advantage on road road racing which is what I do with mine that way you don't hammer the throttle coming out of the corners and spinout.

Another way to look at it is with 16 settings you can adjust throttle application. Full sensitivity for drag and moderate for road racing which is what I'm using it for.
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