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Tazer 2017 HC Challenger install

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I bought a taser from a forum member here and had a question.

I'm really learning all of the features and operations of this thing but my question is this. I inadvertently hit partial reboot which resets all of the vehicles adaptives. No concerns everything is fine however the car feels like it's more responsive. am I imagining this or is it learning the way I drive now with this taser keeping in mind that I also have a pedal commander set at sport plus 4.
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There is no lag dude and it can be tuned out. You need to drive a hellcat
I used to think the same thing unholy707. But then…I tried one. At full (highest setting) you cannot keep from burning the tires until you get used to it. Makes a big difference. It gives you ZERO additional power, but a big improvement over stock parameters. You are probably already boosted with a tune, so it wouldn’t be noticeable for you. But over stock, it’s a big difference.
I daily a 2021 SS, and it is a huge noticeable improvement in pedal requests.
I’ll play the hp w
I have very simple bolt ons, but yeah, she’s cranked up pretty good
I will play the hp chasing game after my warranty probably. I always say I will not, but then I always do anyway.
1 - 3 of 21 Posts
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