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Technology Group = NO BRASS MONKEY BADGES??!!

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So I "built" a JB Challenger online, have the PDF saved, back at the end of January. Have played with the colors constantly on the Dodge site, because I have nothing better to do, and always click Brass Monkey wheels and badges and technology group amongst my options, regardless of paint color. The last three days, when I select Technology Group, and alerts me that 2 changes occur. #1 being Driver Convenience Group Selected (which is what I want anyways) and #2 Brass Monkey Badges REMOVED. Is it effing with me or does the site have a glitch? I also noticed the the position of the car at the top is now reversed from the angle it was before so there must have been a recent update. Anyone else notice this with Technology Group = no brass monkey badges? Wheels are still BM.
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Has to be a website issue. I had wierd stuff happen on there sometimes. Close your browser and clear your cookies and start over that usually corrects it.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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