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Technology Group = NO BRASS MONKEY BADGES??!!

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So I "built" a JB Challenger online, have the PDF saved, back at the end of January. Have played with the colors constantly on the Dodge site, because I have nothing better to do, and always click Brass Monkey wheels and badges and technology group amongst my options, regardless of paint color. The last three days, when I select Technology Group, and alerts me that 2 changes occur. #1 being Driver Convenience Group Selected (which is what I want anyways) and #2 Brass Monkey Badges REMOVED. Is it effing with me or does the site have a glitch? I also noticed the the position of the car at the top is now reversed from the angle it was before so there must have been a recent update. Anyone else notice this with Technology Group = no brass monkey badges? Wheels are still BM.
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Makes sense but no dice. I'll wait and see if it does it moving forward. Thanks!
On a side note, I'd highly discourage selecting the technology package. It adds the rain sensing wipers and auto high beams, yes, but you're being charged full price of the package when the car can't have the adaptive cruise control (no Redeye can).

I've had that package in a Scat Pack before and I was thoroughly unimpressed. The adaptive cruise was nice. The rain sensing wipers... OK... so long as you can put up with the dry wiper "EEEEEEEK" the instant a little water hits the windshield. The real detractor though is the auto high beams. What they don't tell you is that you lose the ability to manually toggle on the high beams with that package, and instead have to rely on the computer to automatically turn them on. You can still flash the high beams with a back pull on the stalk, but you can't manually toggle them on. This is key because the automatic high beam sensors are very sensitive. Most cars dim when oncoming cars are approaching, or you enter an area of high light visibility. This system will auto off your high beams when it sees a yellow road sign, a reflective stop sign, street lights or, in the case of my SP, it would auto off the high beams on the reflective white line running on the right fringe of the road. Thus, in the 2 years I had that car, I'd be willing to bet I didn't see the brights stay on for longer than 30 seconds but only 3-5 times in my car's life.
Yes good point. Problem is, I had it on my 18 Ram 2500, Scat Pack, and TRX. I sold the scat pack, traded the 2500 on the TRX, traded the TRX for my current 2022 Ram 2500 Limited Longhorn that has every freaking option, except auto high beams. I got lazy from the previous 3 vehicles and now piss everyone off since I’m conditioned for them to go off when I blinding them down the highway. I’m disgusted by my own laziness....
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I think it is Dodge's way of saying order the car and stop day dreaming on the site!
Roger that!
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