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Has anyone noticed heat from the car under their steering column on your legs like motor seems to be at a normal temperature but I feel like it’s burning hot and stays hot even after killing the motor for an hour or two the supercharger is hot to the touch.
Any advice?
Yesterday it was incredibly hot so much that my legs and the inside cab was hot because of the heat coming from down by floorboard
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I've never noticed that either. It's hot around here, and my Ac IS ALWAYS ON, SO IS THERE EVEN HOT COOLANT FLOWING TO THE HEATER CORE INSIDE???????? (sorry for the caps, too lazy to change)
Believe so. The automakers have coolant flowing to the heater core all the time to avoid the presence of a valve which can fail/leak. This constant flow of coolant also keeps the heater core better protected against corrosion for the months the heater core doesn't get used because heat is not required.

The amount of heat obtained is controlled by air flaps/doors. For more cooling the air flap that routes air through the heater core is if not closed entirely is closed quite a bit while the air flap that routes air through the A/C evaporator opens up more.

Have to say the A/C system in my 2020 Scat Pack is not that good. Oh, it blows plenty cold enough air but the venting and control of the venting has the heat on hot days from the windshield/dash baking my head. I have to aim at least one center vent at my head. My other cars would blow cool air through every vent -- under the windshield, the center vents, and the floor vents -- to bring the cabin to temperature and keep it there and without hot/cold zones from uneven air distribution.
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