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Thanks Everyone for reporting the Spammer! Good Job!

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Good Work! Thanks everyone for helping to keep our forum Spam clean! :cool::cool:

Lately I have Spam Blasted many of these guys out of here.
Can you imagine, not only do we have the spammers from Nigeria, but from Punjab India now.:oops::eek:

As most of you know the spammers are usually on TapaTalk!

If you happen by chance have one of them contact you in a PM send me a PM with their Avatar name. We can not see your PM's unless invited to be in it!

If it sound too good to be True........most likely it's not!

Thanks again,
Take Care and have a Great Day!

Linda :)
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Nice color!

Was it that guy?
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Pretty much guessed it, then. I mean, after all his forum name was something like I'm here to sell you tires
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