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The Canadian Registry Thread has been moved

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If you live in Canada and have a car ordered or have taken delivery of one please go to the registry forum and add your car details to the thread titled "Canadian Registry". And welcome to the club!
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FH773630 Change my colour to B5 Blue and no satin hood. Now "D" status Tentative build date of Feb.9
FH782133 Charger B5 Blue, sunroof, Harmon/Kardon, Laguna leather, mats Now in "D" status. Build date of March 2

Gotta decide which one I'm going to take.
FH782146 #s are close. Charger &$%$^%^&%(%^* sunroof! And not sure why. Was told March build. If you dont take the charger maybe a dealer swap for the sunroof car! lol
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