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The Canadian Registry Thread has been moved

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If you live in Canada and have a car ordered or have taken delivery of one please go to the registry forum and add your car details to the thread titled "Canadian Registry". And welcome to the club!
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Some dealers are certainly creating a giant slew of frustrated customers who will go where they are treated fairly and not misled. Alright if you can't get me the damn car and don't have an allocation then tell me straight out.....sorry sir we can not take your deposit because we can not guarantee you a car, but no you have to take my money and let me sit thinking your gonna get me one and waste my time! #*?//#$* sit on my money until I realize wait something is wrong here? So you look into it further and pretty soon you join this site and realize huh I need a Von whats that? and D1 status whats that? Can I get a Vin # before the car is even built? What guarantee do I have I can get one? Maybe I should put multiple deposits in at more than one dealer....will that better my chances of getting one? not fn likely if they don't sell enough cars to get an allocation? Huh well how the #*//#*%^ am I supposed to know that? .....there see now I feel better I smashed my fn keyboard:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:
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