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The List

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So I did some digging around forums but I haven't really found a good clear answer.
I have a 2016 Hellcat Challenger.

First off paint:
I have Jazz Blue and I'd like to get some touch up paint to fix a chip and maybe some future ones. They didn't have any factory paint touch up stuff at dodge but I don't know if that's any good.
Any recommendations for paint touchup stuff? Is the factory stuff good or should I look elsewhere?

I'm having issues with it pulling right. I'm trying to work down the list of stuff troubleshooting. I did get an alignment at the dealership and that didn't fix anything, it still pulls right.
Tire wise the car has the P-zeros on the front from when it was new, but the backs have something else (probably due to burnouts). I'm thinking about maybe getting them balanced and swapping fronts to back? I can't really rotate them due to them being different tires with different levels of wear. I know other people have had this issue but I might just take it back to the dealer if the balancing doesn't work and have them recheck the alignment. I'd like to use up these tires and get new ones all around but if they are contributing to the pull then I might have to go get some new ones and use these for burnouts.

Anti-theft. Currently I don't have a garage for the car, I will in March but obviously that doesn't stop it from happening outside my house. I'm not so worried about work because as I pilot I park in the employee lot which has a lot of traffic and security (ish).
I talked to U-Connect and they told me the 3G no longer works since cell towers are gone for it and they offered me an upgrade to 4G with an OBD device for 10 dollars a month. It lets me gps track the car as well as lock and unlock it etc, so maybe if I use the key fob shield and rely on the uconnect for getting it locked that might be a smart idea? I saw lots of different options for independent GPS trackers like Tracki etc, most of my trips are 4-5 days so it would have to last that.

The car is manual so at the very least maybe if the thieves are crayon eaters they might not be able to drive it away, however that doesn't stop a flatbed.

I don't particularly want to have a system wired in since I've had bad experiences in the past with them.

I should say I live in DFW so I don't know how rampant thefts are in this area. I did have my truck broken into by a crackhead but they couldn't steal it.
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When did the pull start? Swap your front wheels side-to-side and see if the pull follows the swap. If so, it's a bad tire.

Post your alignment printout so we can see.

Get the FOB Module Update from the Dealer.

Check with the Dealer about a 4G Module Update. It's a Factory Plug In unit that plugs into the Radio and replaces the 3G device.

Get into your Fuse Boxes, front & rear, and pull the fuel pump relay, the starter fuse/relay, etc that will prevent the car from being started.

Add a standalone GPS Device on a Battery that you can hide.

Add a couple of Apple Air Tags or Samsung Tags for additional security.
Was the 4G update a UConnect thing or a dealer? And is is a recall or just an update? And obviously what's the cost.

The fuse boxes aren't a bad idea, if I pull the fuel pump relay I think that should suffice.

I've been looking at different gps devices that people recommended on here.

As for the alignment I didn't actually notice it till I started going up on the highway at 80, and there was vibration.
The alignment seemed to stop a bunch of the shaking however I realized they didn't even give me the sheet for the alignment.

I'm gonna try to swap fronts and back and get them balanced to see what that does. I'm sure they can do it for cheap at discount tire or something.
The 80 mph vibration happened to many here including me. Sounds like you need a proper wheel balance also. Have posted many threads on this topic & how to fix. Do a Search on my name with keyword 'balance'.

Would love to see the alignment printout as well. I've also posted threads on proper alignment specs. Use keyword 'alignment'.
Yeah they didn't give me a sheet with the alignment print out, which I thought they did.
I'm gonna try the balance thing, swap the fronts to the rears and then get them to balance it with the smart balance off.
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