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This is another reason that Mopar is different, and Mopar people are different, than the other people and brands. The original owner wanted a small funeral. Alas, he had touched so many lives for good, there was no way they could keep it small.
What kind of mark are you (and your car) making in the world?

Make a lasting impression on the young people in your life.
Remind them that what made this country great was not being overly sensitive to recognize the rights of the most insane people in history.
This country was FUN. Life was MADE to be FUN.
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Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, Not Worshiping the newly-propped-up god Offense with offerings of crocodile tears and allergy to literally everything.
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Have fun and influence kids in your area to have fun in life. Treat them nicely. It may be the only nice treatment they ever get.
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Subtly instill positive values in them, such as Mopar, honesty, Mopar, hard work, Mopar, and more Mopar. No other car company seems to care a whit about what their customers actually want.
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Fast rides, hard corners, sticky tires and happy times. Feeling like the seat is trying to inhale them, then the should belt is catching them. Being seen by their friends riding in THAT car.

I offered the keys to one of the parents at my church admiring my car, so he could go take a rip in it. He didn't go for it, strangely, but he will never forget that.
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What? Your car don't make no noise?
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How'd you get all that bass, all that bass, inside that trunk?
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Beauty was made to be admired, not hidden.
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Mopar or no car.

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I think I read about it in the Hagerty Magazine. Cool story.

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Yup, good story about a year ago

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Mopar is the car of the long-haired Hansen Brothers-glasses nerdy guy who owns two almost-all original Hemi cars.
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Yeah, boi, you read dat right. Simca, as in the Matra-Simca F1 car with the most phenomenally righteous howl of any racing car on Earth. Is that not one, but two Pentastars I see on yonder wing, placed right where the REAL fans, the ones in the stands, can see it proudly displayed?
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Mopar is the brand that people are born to, and at some time in their lives, they find out they were made for each other.

Mopar people feel a sad sense of betrayal and loss if life grinds them down to having to buy some Brand X car (Brand X refers to GM and Ford) or some other off-brand.

Mopar is the brand that has an esprit about it that the others hyper-mega-don't.

Mopar is the brand that has a mystique about it that others don't.

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Chrysler ist der sieg!

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Many just do not understand what it means to be Mopar.
The Hemi exists because Mopar people MADE it exist. Mopar people do not exist because of the Hemi. It's like America. America is great because of Americans. The soil does not grow greatness. The people create it.

Mopar ist der sieg.

To see a similar effect in the music world, try talking to fans of Slayer about why their band sucks. In fact, do it at a Slayer concert. Take notes or have a bystander take notes.

Change the World.
Drive Mopar.
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Also, remember this: Racing your car in a huge field of other similar-by-class-or-just-plain-cheating cars does not make you stand out.
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It is being among the other cars, aka lesser cars, in the street, in everyday life, that makes your car stand out.
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Just look at the engineering and excellence the Germans heaped on this car before Chrysler was owned by Mercedes and they lent them the platform. Notice how absolutely nobody complains about the basic suspension geometry, brakes, safety, etc?
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No, we often bicker at what grade of gold to use with which to gild this lily, but we all know in our hearts, these cars need no gilding, no gewgaws, no 30" rims to bring out their historical-high-water-mark beauty and cachet.
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I absolutely kid you not. The very next song that played as I looked at this car on the 'net:
Wheel Vehicle Car Tire Motor vehicle

yes, that's a Hemi Charger. Do you, too, have close relatives you'd trade for it?
And here is the song that started playing in the background when I found it:

The song for when someone returns to the Mopar fold after wandering in the wastelands of boring anonymobiles:

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Further evidence of the Hearts and Minds campaign by Dodge bearing fruit:
I quote directly:
"I formerly owned a 2018 Scat pack 6-speed in B5 blue and my Dad has owned 3 challengers over the years as well with a new Sinimon stick WB 6-speed Scat Pack on order. We love these cars. Both of us were lifelong GM guys, but Dodge over the last 10 years has converted us and many of my car friends."
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