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The ultimate PPF test

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So I did something really dumb last night. Was washing the JB and for some reason my power washer nozzle wasn't seated all the way(lesson learned always point that sucker away from the car at the first spray) and the nozzle flew off and hit the front fender like a damn bullet. heard two loud thuds when it hit the car. Let's say I wasn't happy looking at my pristine car just washed looking perfect except "this".

This car has full front PPF and the PPF came off where it hit. I can't see any primer or anything so it looks like it didn't break through the paint. I do notice a slight ding so I'll need PDR as well.

Taking it to the shop for them to remove the PPF and fix this(PDR at a minimum and new PPF) soon. Worse case is if it broke through the clear I’ll see if it can be touched up and buffed level. If the PPF actually stopped a power washer nozzle flying like a shotgun slug I'll be REALLY impressed. Had enough force to dimple the fender slightly.

Pics below for your pleasure(not mine).

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Yeah I was more angry about it last night. Hopefully this doesn't hit my wallet too hard.

If it hit bare paint I'm sure there would be a chunk out to the bare metal! Maybe for a doofus like me I should ask for 3 layers of PPF next time, :LOL:

Only lucky things is I didn't put my hellcat badges on yet, good thing because thats the PPF they have to replace. And looks like the fender PPF is probably the cheapest and least labor to replace. If it was my front bumper or hood it would be 2x the price I bet.
sorry to hear this dude. hope you can get it corrected.
thanks. I am going to call them tomorrow and schedule an appt to get this taken care of.
What I found out that money fixes everything….. we’ll almost. Lol
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I use the pressure washer mainly to use the foam cannon. It’s nice to foam the whole car and turn it white. 😁. Plus (if you don’t shoot your car obviously) the layers of foam make it much harder to scratch your finish. Can never get that much soap with the bucket method.

I was using an adams pressure washer wand, it has quick releases from soap to sprays. And the nozzles that are used I tested with my hand, I can shoot my hand from a few feet away and it doesn’t hurt so I know it’s OK for tje car.
Fingers crossed they can fix that dimple!

Btw, I left my car at my detailer for full blown ppf job, just like yours is gonna be XPEL, sadly detailer told me that the carbon fiber stripes are way too textured and won’t look good on it and it’ll have gaps if installed over it…

I’ll send pics once everything is done!

GL with the repair
Thanks, I just scheduled the car to get dropped off 9/16 for PPF replacement and also any PDR or anything it needs. Hopefully it's not to bad to take care of.

Yes I heard that since the carbon is textured, really don't have an option to PPF them from what I've read. I never seen anyone with PPF over carbon stripes. Mine are gunmetal(no texture), so they can be PPF over but like I sent you before there is a air gap/line where the stripe meets the paint. So there is a looks tradeoff on mine; I'll let it ride for now if I really can't like it I'm going to remove all the stripes and PPF(on hood and bumper), apply new PPF, and stripe on top of it.

At least yours will look great, just your stripes could get chipped by debris. Guess not a super huge deal the stripes are cheap enough to replace........ I priced them out I think a whole OEM front set(hood and front bumper) is around $400.
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Hood Black-and-white Sky Tints and shades Glass

So my PPF paid for itself. I just peeled it back the paint is still immaculate Jiat have a ding that pdr will easily take care of. Wow I’m a believer!! If this was a naked panel you’d bet there would be a hige chip and or gash in the paint. If you know how big and fast a power nozzle can fly out of a 3200 psi gas gun youd know.
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i check and double check when i spray now after what happened to you. glad the result was not damaging to your paint.
nice. I like being an example to others of what not to do! Lol.

I always now make sure I point the nozzle away from the car before I spray.

going to get the minor PDR done this week and it getsPPF again on that panelFriday. Should be good as new.
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