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The ultimate PPF test

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So I did something really dumb last night. Was washing the JB and for some reason my power washer nozzle wasn't seated all the way(lesson learned always point that sucker away from the car at the first spray) and the nozzle flew off and hit the front fender like a damn bullet. heard two loud thuds when it hit the car. Let's say I wasn't happy looking at my pristine car just washed looking perfect except "this".

This car has full front PPF and the PPF came off where it hit. I can't see any primer or anything so it looks like it didn't break through the paint. I do notice a slight ding so I'll need PDR as well.

Taking it to the shop for them to remove the PPF and fix this(PDR at a minimum and new PPF) soon. Worse case is if it broke through the clear I’ll see if it can be touched up and buffed level. If the PPF actually stopped a power washer nozzle flying like a shotgun slug I'll be REALLY impressed. Had enough force to dimple the fender slightly.

Pics below for your pleasure(not mine).

Asphalt Plant Road surface Wood Tree

Building Rectangle Wood Grey Automotive tire
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That’s awesome to hear! Sigh of relief for you.
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