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Car is a 2019 Destroyer grey hellcat charger. I'm the 2nd owner and I purchased it with 5,555 miles. It now has 10,200 miles. I purchased it in sept. Of 2019. I would like to get another classic possibly. I love the car but I also like to wrench on them. I had purchased a bunch of parts for it but have kept the motor stock so far. Do you guys think $70k is a good price? I had it posted locally but everyone offers pennies on the dollar. Let me know what you guys think.

Alcantara package with red belts
Dual power seats
Power telescoping wheel
Heated & Cooled front seats
Heated rear seats
Heated Steering wheel
Dual carbon Stripes
Motor is completely stock

Now onto the good stuff

20" Ferada wheels wrapped with nitto tires (1000 miles on them)
Lowered with Eighbach pro springs
ZL1 addons carbon wicker bill with upgraded hardware
ZL1 addons fender flares
UPR catch can (a must)
UPR oil fill cap filter
IKON rear carbon diffuser
Luxe smoked rear brake lights (Easy to remove if wanted)
Luxe carbon doorsils w/hellcat logo
Oracle smoked side marker lights
Mid mufflers replaced with vibrant resonators (sounds amazing)
Carven ceramic 5" exhaust tips
Hellcat logo door lights
Fresh oil change with dodge specified oil
Extra quarts of factory specified oil

I have all factory parts that were replaced with aftermarket including the mid mufflers, minus the wheels.


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I would just keep it for that amount. I was in the same boat selling my 19 challenger but I decided to throw some money into it. I'm also looking to get into a an old school or something I can wrench on a little bit easier. But I'm thinking of a old Ford falcon with a coyote swap they make TurnKey kits for those engines swaps

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I don't sell cars like these in local marketplaces (like FB, Craig's List, etc.). I also don't let people test drive them unless they pay me for the car first. My bill of sale has a line that reads:

"Due to the car's horsepower and torque ratings, seller does not wish to risk damage to the vehicle nor to independent property put at risk by the buyer's unknown level of driving ability. As such, upon close of the sale, buyer has 50 miles or four hours of time to return the vehicle undamaged for a full refund. The buyer's funds will be made available, in full, for a period of no more than four hours post sale. Any inspections required by the buyer will be allowed at the buyer's expense. Seller will deliver the vehicle to any local shop to conform with these inspection requests."

Thus, I only take full payment in private sales before I ever hand them the keys. I'll gladly take them on demo rides, drive it to a shop for an inspection, etc... but they don't get to joy ride in the car. Dealing with local people... I'd say that easily 80% of interested people are completely unqualified to buy the car. When I was selling my 2020, I had more than one "young" person show up and want to give me anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000 and then make payments to me (LOL). I ended up advertising the car all over the the states of Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, and Georgia before I found a remote buyer in Miami. He bought it cash, sight unseen without an inspection. Easy money.

The moral of the story is: List it locally if you want to, but don't let them dicker with you. Not on a Hellcat. I'm starting to sound like a paid spokesperson here, but I've had a lot of luck with Cars & Bids: Auctions of cool modern cars, trucks, and SUVs. I've bought a couple and sold a few through that site, and I do tend to get the high end of the expected range when I sell there. My 2020 sold privately the week prior to me setting up an auction listing for it there, otherwise I'd have slapped a 70k reserve on it and see where it ended up.

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Good price? No but in the market today, yes. I nearly picked up an 18 DG HC Charger for 48k three years ago. If you can find someone willing to pay 70k I'd take it and run. The market will crash eventually and you could always get into another one for cheaper.
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