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Those who have Line Lock...

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Do you use it at the track often or no? Haven't tried it yet but seems technical with all the steps you have to do plus another thing to remember before getting ready to launch your car at the strip. At the same though it may be useful to use as it saves your rear brakes from all the burnouts. Do you guys use it and recommend it or are you more old school?
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Yes brakes on SS are definitely different, everything about the complete system is aces! the pads are amazing, no dust! that pad composition and formulation is a home run Dodge, nicely done…”head bob head bob”
I don't know what Pad you're talking about but the first thing I do when I buy a car is put ceramic pads on them. I don't see how the SS pads/brakes will work any better than a Hellcat being they are 4 piston vs 6 piston.

Glad you're happy with it.
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