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Three Charger Daytonas and more Mopar muscle turn up in Auto Archeologist barn find.

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Ryan Brutt is a muscle car aficionado with a bloodhound-like ability to track down hidden Mopars. He’s literally written the book on Muscle Car Barn Finds. We’re not entirely sure how he does it, but a wide web of contacts keeps Brutt informed about all sorts of automotive gems like the amazing stash of rare muscle he was recently allowed to explore in Missouri.

His video walkthrough shows three of Mopar’s winged NASCAR homologation Chargers as well as a 1968 Dart GTS powered by a 383 and a four-speed, a Little Red Express, and some beautiful B-body and C-body Mopars for good measure. In the short video, Brutt walks around a few cars and gives us some photo highlights but it’s just a taste of what this particular collector has amassed. Unfortunately, Brutt had another stop scheduled: “I had to start driving to a junkyard full of vintage cars and I didn’t have time to hang out like I’d hoped,” Brutt told us. That trip will be featured on his Auto Archeology YouTube channel, and he also plans a return trip to this location for more discoveries.

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