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I'm going to start this out by stating that I hope I'm not breaking any rules, I also am not affiliated with Stopwatch. I am being offered a small discount for my next shipment with them for making this post, but do not foresee a need for their services any time even in the distant future so that's really not the impetus for this post.

The reason I'm making this post is that I genuinely wanted to share a great experience with a shipper/broker after seeing a lot of hesitancy and negativity (understandably) in 2ndAmends post in April weighing whether he should pickup or ship his Hellcat from Koons. Shipping a car, especially sight unseen is a very apprehensive process and one that Stopwatch really helped me through.

With an infant daughter at home that I didn't want to leave, I elected to have my vehicle shipped and after shopping a quote around to 3-4 different competitors, Stopwatch came in as the most affordable by a large margin. Upon making the initial quote request, Alyssa reached out to me almost immediately to answer any questions and make sure I had what I needed. She was extremely helpful in understanding that I wanted both an open trailer and an enclosed quote and made sure that I received both. Once I confirmed that I had what I needed, I did not hear from her again until I was accepting the quote and ready to move forward. There was never any pressure placed on me, Alyssa's demeanor was very much "I'll be here if you need me" which I greatly appreciated. Her response time through this process could also be measured in minutes via email.

Through the process of scheduling, Alyssa was very helpful in understanding that I did not know when the vehicle would arrive at Koons. She allowed me to accept the quote early in the process, locking the pricing in and simply told me that she'd be there when I was ready. Weeks went by and I eventually reached out and let her know that the vehicle had shipped. Her enthusiasm could be felt through email when she replied and told me that she was so excited for me and to text, email or call her once the car arrived for next steps.

Three weeks later, I did just that. Alyssa without skipping a beat replied back to me within about 10 minutes very excited to help arrange the pickup and told me that she would begin looking at schedules to get ahead of the process. She ended up taking an educated guess and soft scheduling the shipper to pick my vehicle up the following Tuesday which happened to be the first day that Koons was able to release the vehicle, so her guess was perfect and I had the first available shipper that way. She was out the Monday before when much of the coordination with the dispatcher was to take place but had foresight to provide my information to the dispatcher so that he was able to reach out directly to me and my Tuesday pickup wasn't delayed because she was out. The dispatcher was nice enough and very helpful.

The dispatcher provided me the details of the driver who I was able to build a rapport with, over text of all mediums but he was very responsive and it was clear he would take the pickup seriously. He arrived the next day and texted me two beautiful photographs of my car as well as a compliment on how gorgeous it was. He told me he was picking it up and that he'd get it loaded up and delivered the next day.

Wednesday morning (the next day, so quick transit), I received a text telling me that he'd be arriving around Noon EST and that's almost exactly when he pulled in with my Hellcat Redeye. It arrived in perfect condition. He used wood blocks to unload it so he didn't scrape the splitter. I also checked under both the splitter and bumper for scrapes or damage and felt none. Interior was flawless, stickers and all still in place.

Overall, just a really positive experience with StopWatch that I wanted to share. For those of you ordering out of state who can't or don't want to fly out and go pick the vehicle up, I wouldn't hesistate to recommend Stopwatch. They're very active and a forum sponsor on so you'll definitely find many more testimonials on there, almost all of which are as positive as mine.

Thanks to Alyssa and Stopwatch for getting my dream car into my driveway safely, quickly and professionally.

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