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Time to mod finally...going E85 and need advice!

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Hey all,

I know this has probably been discussed hundreds of times...tried the search function and didn't find a good summary of info on it.

So I want to convert to E85 with full supporting mods but maintain a safe reserved tune. Don't want to be blowing anything up.

I don't really have a HP goal in mind...just convert to E85 and see where I end up.

So with that said here are some questions.

I'll probably go to Tim Barth for tuning, seems he's the most reliable person out there for remote and safe tunes and the most popular for a reason. Or am I wrong on that?

Parts list:
What pulley will I need? Suggestions?
Bigger injectors of course. What will I need?
Boost a pump or dual fuel pump setup?
Cracked PCM of course for tuning. Best source for that? I'll also need a hand held or mounted tuning device obviously, best one out there?

I think that covers it for parts? Pulley/PCM/Tune/tuning device/Injectors/Fuel Pump

Am I missing anything?

And finally I'd LOVE to have a flex fuel tune. I read a while back tuners where working on that but not sure if one's available or functional yet or not? In the event I can't find E85 anywhere it'd be nice to run it super low and fill up on premium and have the PCM do the rest of the work. Ran into this issue on my last car...Dad was driving it and couldn't find E85 so filled up on premium gas...shortly after the rod went through the engine block and out of the oil pan....ugh. lol Of course the hand held Diablo tuner was in the trunk and could have flashed the premium gas tune to it beforehand but he didn't know. lol
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FIC 1200cc injectors will be what you need! I am an authorized dealer for them so send me a DM when you want to purchase

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I would strongly recommend the FIC 1200's over the ID1300x2's mostly because of the price. Both will get the job done, but the FICs are much more affordable so that's money that can be used for other mods.
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Was thinking Barth but after looking at Dusterhoff the price of the top stage 4 package is pretty damn appealing and quite frankly way cheaper. On top of that it's a flex tune. Hmmmm
Both are very good, I used Curt Dusterhoff for my tuning. My car made 892whp and I drove it for over 3 years without any issues.
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