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Tire flat spots from garage tiles?

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About 4 months ago I installed the following garage tiles with a coin pattern:

I usually only drive the Hellcat Charger every 3 or 4 weeks. The last two times I noticed steering wheel vibration at high speeds and it seemed to get worse at higher speeds. Did it both on asphalt and concrete freeways. After driving for 40 minutes it seemed a lot better. Last month I drove it again the next morning and it was fine. I repeated the same yesterday. Driving it twice for about 45 minutes. During the first drive it did it again. During the second drive I only noticed it temporarily at a certain speed. Strange thing was it would be there one minute and gone the next. But it didn’t get worse when going faster.
The car is a 2016 and still has the OEM Pirelli All Season tires with about 7500 miles on it.

Could the little coins of the tiles cause this? I will probably get the tires rebalanced to rule that out. For now I took out a few tiles where the front tires sit to see if it makes a difference.
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I'm cheap and this works:

1/2" foam insulation from HD. I went to the Loring Speed Trials last week and parked in a hotel lot for 5 days, suddenly the flat spots came back.

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