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Tire Shops

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You have to love them...I ordered some Nitto 315/35r20 555RII's for my rears. I drop the rear wheels off at the shop, they call an hr an later and tell me they are ready. I'm all pumped and drive up there to pick them up.

Uhg...They put 555g2's on....FML....I tell them, go ahead and take them off, I'm not interested in that tire. They attempted to question my reasonings. I reminded them I ordered RII's not G2's. Apparently they were unware of the differences. They saw the "555" part and just order the first one they seen. Unfortunately they cannot get the RII's, so who knows when I'll get some.
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G2s are typically substantially cheaper than RIIs
only because they are not RII's, the G2's are a decent tire, but i wanted the drag radial. My Pirelle's only have 800 miles on them, and the G2's are not that much of an improvement over those so I couldn't justify spending money on them. However, one my Pirelli's wear out, I'll gladly odrer some zG2's
my point being that someone (you or them) should have realized the error when the price was quoted.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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