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Tire Wear - Pirelli Scorpions

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Just wondering how tires are wearing for folks out there.

I have them on my Trackhawk, 5K miles, and looks fine so far.

But I have seen people having to relace the tires below 15K miles! Is that normal for the Scorpions?

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These came on my Durango RT. Granted not the power of the SRT or TH.... 8500 miles on them and just rotated them. Wife drives 90% local and the rears were down maybe 2/32 compared to the front. Some of the lines were gone on the rear but still present on the fronts. Seems to be wearing well on that car and not too quickly. I imagine if I were driving it every day they would wear a little quicker :)

I think my dad has the same set on his regular GC. Same mileage but look brand new...cause my dad doesn't drive hard.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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