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Tire Wear - Pirelli Scorpions

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Just wondering how tires are wearing for folks out there.

I have them on my Trackhawk, 5K miles, and looks fine so far.

But I have seen people having to relace the tires below 15K miles! Is that normal for the Scorpions?

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Certainly a lot of it depends on your driving style and highway vs city miles. I had 3-seasons on my '15 SRT and they were toast at 9200 miles... might have gotten another 500 out of them. I have All-Seasons on my TH, and they should get better... I will be disappointed if I don't get 15k out of them. Doubtful that I will get 20k, but I am mostly a city driver, with very few highway trips considered "long distance."
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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