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Ok what do you guys recommend .. 2021 charger wb re. Stock currently 305’s
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Well, it's a Redeye, so keep that in mind. Once they're warm, on a nice flat road they'll hook with no spin at 30+ mph. Haven't tried them on a track.

Amazing your hooking around 30 mph with those tires especially on a Redeye. I have the 555r2 in a 305-35-20 with 20x10.5 reps and I can't hook a 30 roll let alone a 40. Around 50 is where I'll be able to hook and this is on a STOCK Hellcat. At the track not really pleased but they need to have a really smokey burnout to get better.

I agree they do fine in the rain and also not bad in the corners but I was expecting more from them traction wise. I think I'll either try a MT ET ss or Toyo r888r next.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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