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Ok what do you guys recommend .. 2021 charger wb re. Stock currently 305’s
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I have a 2019 Challenger HC RE WB and just went through this whole process. At first I was living with the stock Pirelli all-seasons. Next, I had decided to go with Michelin PS4s in the stock size (305-35-20) on the stock wheels. But as you're no doubt figuring out, the car is severely under-tired in the rear. So now I've bit the bullet. Triumph Wheels is making me a set of 20 by 11" front wheels and 20 by 12.5" rear wheels which will have Michelin PS4s sizes 305-35-20 on the front and 345-30-20 on the rear.
Do this ^^^. Nothing is better for the street, by a mile. I am not just guessing, I have used the PS4S 345/30 PS4S on my rears with aftermarket wheels. They hook great and even more important, they are in service for their third season!
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1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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