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To Buy Fog Lights

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Hi Guys,

I was planning to buy a new set of fog lights. But I'm confused about the color of the fog light to choose. In this blog post, Yellow vs. White Fog Lights: Make a Better Decision for Brighter Light they have suggested yellow light is better but some of my friends suggest white is better.

Can anyone please advise me on this, it would be great if you could share your personal experience using those bulbs.
Thanks in advance.
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Bulbs? As in incandescent?
Or are you talking about HID or LED?
Where would you mount these lights?
You want them as low as possible if they are really "illuminate the road below the fog" lights.
You are in the Middle East somewhere, so do you experience fog, dust storms, etc?
Also, do you want the pavement-illuminating actual fog lights, or the "see Dubai from Yemen" driving lights?
So many questions around your light choice. Help me help you.
If you just want a massive amount of light, OSRAM Nightbreaker HID light bulbs are the way to go.
The CHARACTER of the light is the thing about which I am most curious.
I suggest white, as it is less distracting. if true penetration of fog is the actual ideal, nothing in the visible spectrum beats RED, but it is usually illegal, and perception is not as sharp as with other light frequencies. Red will go through fog, go out, hit something, and bounce back to you better than any other single frequency. It's why sunsets are perceived as red.
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Well a lot of unanswered questions as himmelkat pointed out. But with that in mind I would say yellow is overall better in most fog conditions for better penetration based on personal experience.
Ah, so. The further one can drag one's light away from the blue end of the spectrum, the less glare/blinding will occur.
I wonder if some yellow-tone glasses will help in the fog, especially if coupled with some yellow lights.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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