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To sell or not to sell

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With the used car market being crazy, I’ve gotten some offers from dealers on my 2019 challenger REWB that would essentially mean that I would break even on the car, or actually make a small profit. So on one hand, I might be 75k-80k richer, and I could probably use that money and put it in the market or keep my paid off car and maybe get to enjoy it here and there. As of now, I really don’t get to drive it, because of work. What do you guys in the community think I should do?
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Cars are almost never a good investment, but these cars will hold their value better than most, maybe not this high, but very respectable.. Limited supply near the end of the production run, combined with the end of the 2nd true muscle car era, if it is not a burden, keep it. True muscle car guys may buy a EV, but not as a replacement for a HC.

Personally, I would only sell if it got me close to a RE upgrade.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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