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To the Pros: What is the best way to get a Charger at this point?

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I was originally going to order a Challenger, until I heard they were going to Hellcat the Charger. Now, I wish I had stayed with the Challenger b/c it looks like those orders (that car) is getting priority.

I ordered a Charger when the ordering process opened. I selected silver, nav, HK, black sepia, and a black roof. I ordered at a Central Florida dealer and was first in line. They did not have anyone order a Challenger, BTW. This dealer is a client did not even charge a deposit. I really really want a Charger and even own the tag: H3LL CAT.

I have been given no VON, VIN, or any real order status. FWIW, I do not even know what the VON means. This is the e-mail from Dodge to my local dealer: "They shut off the ordering to try and get the sold orders scheduled…hang tight and hopefully we’ll see some schedules." I am thinking the odds of getting the car from my dealer are slim to none.

What do the pros suggest I do to tie up an actual car elsewhere? Thanks for your time.
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i see chargers still posted here weekly for msrp....saw one posted today that still looked available
It's kind of like how the Challengers were about a month ago. There were a couple usually posted each week at MSRP that people could jump on if they wished but they'd be gone in a flash. So it is possible to get a Charger at MSRP but it's not easy by any stretch!

OP I can offer this advice, don't just hang around in the Hellcat Purchasing section of this forum. There was a Charger at MSRP that was posted in the Charger Hellcat section recently and it went under the radar for like a day (hey that's an eternity in Hellcat terms!!) before someone snatched it up.
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