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My fiancé and I were not able to find a parking space in La Centerra at Cinco Ranch area and so after going around and around to find a space for like 10 minutes I said ok you take the wheel and I'll run into the store.

I came out and 3 dudes walked towards our hellcat and asked is that supercharged? They were talking hellcat this and hellcat that amongst themselves and my fiancé got out of the car and they looked inside and kept walking and pointing at the hellcat saying stuff double triple takes as they walked away.

There were many people sitting outside at World of Beer and Grimaldi's pizza, basically people were staring and checking out and doing double takes as I drove around the whole center twice :D

And what about the dude on the pick up truck? No more stalking lately? maybe he wants his cut, you know? :D:D:D
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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