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I've read a lot of posts discussing the merits of launch control, or lack there of. I'm driving this miracle of modern engineering designed by engineers that seem to have thought of most everything. How is it possible they screwed the pooch so badly on the launch control system? Dodge recommends using launch control on an unprepped surface? Weird.. Using launch control enables the torque reserve feature which will build 4 pounds of boost at 950+ rpm equating to 40% more torque at launch. What exactly is the point if you cant use it when your car is hooking? Makes zero sense to me. So by adding the torque reserve feature Dodge has compounded launching problems. I've had a best 60ft of 1.51 while foot braking. I guess that 40% extra torque will grenade the diff and or axels on a sticky track? But on the street or unprepped as Dodge seems to advise.. the 40% more torque will compound traction problems. Maybe they just wanted to be able to advertise "launch control" and "torque reserve" even though they are as useless as tits on a bull?
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