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Torque steer

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I have a 2019 Hellcat Redeye.. I tubed it and put it on massive rims and tires front and rear, also using airbag suspension, when I get on the throttle and let off I get massive torque steer, has anyone changed the rear links in the rear? Does it help any other advice would be appreciated Z
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Okay OP. Let’s see it for starters. Pictures please. Because we don’t see many if any tubs. Then what rim size and tire size is it wearing now? What are the alignment specs in the rear now? What did you do to modify the automatic system that works the OEM shocks? What height is it running at now? If you want help, let’s start there.
Kids. What’s the use.
Maybe, let’s see.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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