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Im in the market for either of these two tires in the rear in a 305 size. Will be getting a pair of 10.5" wide reps to accommodate those tire sizes nicely. Would love to get some feedback from those that have experienced these two tires mostly on the street with some minor track runs.

How does the traction compare from launching at a dig and slow roll speeds?

How do they both compare in longevity? Obviously not expecting 10,000 miles plus but can you get atleast 6-8 thousand miles out of a set with mostly normal driving, getting on it here and there, and some track runs once or twice a month?

Last but not least how do they compare in the rain? I'll be most likely running a good summer performance tire up front to help disperse some of the wet. Not expecting perfect rain weather traction with a drag radial of course so I know driving carefully is important as I do in the rain anyway. The car is a semi daily driver and tooken out anywhere from 2-4 times a week. Looking forward in hearing your experiences.
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